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July 16, 2013 8:00 am EST

Service Steel Introduces Steel Tubing Weight Per Foot And Steel Tubing Cutting Calculators

Steel Tubing Calculator

Service Steel knows that in order to be successful in business, you have to know your customers. We know our customers want quality steel tubing products, unparalleled customer service and convenience.

Today, Service Steel extends the level of convenience we provide to our customers by announcing our new online steel tubing calculators.

We rolled up our sleeves and created a set of three online steel tubing and steel cutting calculators. Our calculators are designed to provide our customers with the ability to perform calculations such steel tubing weight per foot, steel tubing random length and yes, we even included a metric conversion calculator.


Steel Tubing Weight Per Foot CalculatorSteel Tubing Weight Per Foot Calculator

Our steel tubing weight per foot calculator is designed to calculate the weight per foot of several types of steel tubing shapes like square and rectangular, hexagon, octagon, octagon bar, round tube, round bar and more.

Our customers may also enjoy the convenience of performing these calculations in aluminum across a range of gauges. Simple choose a shape, enter the desired width and thickness, press calculate and our calculator will take care of the rest!

Use the steel tubing weight per foot calculator.


Steel Tubing Cutting CalculatorSteel Tubing Cutting Calculator
For your convenience our steel tubing random length steel cutting calculator has been designed to provide calculations in both english and metric.

Simply chose the total number of steel tubing pieces required, enter the desired length of each piece, press calculate and that it! Our calculator will provide the total number of stock lengths needed.

Use the steel tubing cutting calculator.

Metric Conversion Calculator
Metric Conversion Calculator

For your convenience we have even included a set of metric conversion calculators. Need to make some quick conversion calculations while browsing our full line of steel tubing products? No problem, we’ve got you covered!

We included all the basics such as millimeters to inches, meters to feet, grams to pounds and more!

Use the metric conversion calculator.


If you have needs for a specific calculator, please contact us and we will consider your request in future enhancements to our website.

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