For centuries, iron and steel were the most important metals for industry, product creation, and building materials.

But the discovery of aluminum, as well as the process that makes aluminum possible, completely revolutionized metal. While older, heavier, stronger metals still have their place, aluminum has become one of the most important materials in the world.

Today’s engineering and design professionals now have a seemingly countless variety of materials at their disposal. Aluminum, however, remains an essential material for industries that include manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and construction.

Why is aluminum so popular? Why is it useful for so many applications? Here are a few of the main benefits of aluminum tubing…

7 Benefits of Aluminum Tubing

1. Corrosion Resistant
Of all the advantages brought by aluminum, none are more important than corrosion resistance. This metal can fight rust far better than most of the popular metals, which is why it’s often selected for a variety of outdoor and aquatic applications.

2. Lightweight
While other metals may be stronger, aluminum has a clear advantage in overall weight. Steel, for example, weighs much more than aluminum. Iron is also much heavier; aluminum is roughly a third of the weight compared to iron.

For this reason, aluminum tubing is ideal for applications in the transportation and aerospace industries. With aluminum tubing, engineers can create far lighter vehicles.

3. Sound Insulating
Sound control can be important for a variety of reasons, and while aluminum tubing may not be considered a sound-control material (like sound-insulating drywall, for example), it does have the ability to reduce sounds from one area to another.

4. Heat and Flame Resistant
Aluminum tubes also have heat-insulation properties and can be used when even temperatures are required for an industrial or mechanical structure.

5. Long-term Durability
Aluminum is specifically manufactured to resist corrosion, which not only keeps it strong but also ensures long-term durability. Builders, manufacturers, and industrial experts who need metal tubing that will last for decades often turn to aluminum, assuming the greater strength of steel is not required.

6. Malleable
Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals currently available, which is why aluminum tubing is so popular. This metal can be formed into a variety of different shapes and sizes, and it’s generally easy (and relatively affordable) to work with. This makes aluminum the ideal choice for applications where malleability is important.

7. Recyclable
Many companies are adopting eco-friendly practices, which include the use of recyclable materials. Because aluminum tubing can be recycled, extra material, such as cut-off ends, can be recycled instead of going into the landfill.

Aluminum is considered a “sustainable metal.” This means there is no limit to how many times the metal can be formed, broken down, reformed, and broken down again. Essentially, there is no loss of material when aluminum is recycled.

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