Hydraulic tubing is used every day, in many ways – you probably use hydraulics multiple times a day without even realizing it! You name it, hydraulics can power or move it.

Hydraulic machines use liquid fluid power to work. Fluid is transmitted through various hydraulic tubing, motors, and cylinders, which power the machine.  The moving water that makes up hydraulics gets a lot of mechanical work done! Hydraulic tubing is used in hydraulic applications that require flaring and bending, and these tubes transfer enormous amounts of power!

Some familiar with the uses of some hydraulic applications include:

Cars: The brakes in your car use hydraulics, as does your automatic transmission, if you have it!

Airplanes: Airplanes use hydraulics to operate flight controls and landing gear.

Construction Equipment: The heavy lifting done by construction equipment is all thanks to hydraulics! Hydraulics move the equipment and in turn, move the materials these machines transport.

Where else is hydraulic tubing found? Some lesser-known uses are:

Roller coasters: Unlike a traditional chain lift roller coaster, a launched roller coaster is initiated with acceleration from – you guessed it- hydraulics!

Gasoline pumps: Hydraulics are used to bring gasoline from its storage tank to your car.

Dishwashers: Hydraulics in dishwashers improve water pressure, ensuring a better clean. Not to mention making dishwashers run more quietly!

Technically, your heart is even a hydraulic pump that moves blood throughout your body! Who knew liquids could do so much? Hydraulics truly are all over the place!

Hydraulic power can be used in virtually any industry. Do you need reliable hydraulic tubing for your operations? Service Steel can help outfit you with any of your hydraulic tubing needs. Give us a call at (800) 275-8823