We take pride in serving the entire Midwest and Great Lakes region with high-quality steel products. Our locations stretch from New York to Illinois and include facilities in major cities like Cincinnati, Ohio. Which makes us the perfect choice as your Steel Tube Supplier.

Proudly Serving the Tri-State Area

Our Cincinnati location is conveniently located on the northern side of the city, with close proximity to major freeways including I-71 and I-75, as well as quick access to the I-275 loop.

At this location, we can serve the entire Cincinnati metro area, as well as the larger tri-state area, which includes southwestern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana. From this location, we can serve cities that include Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky, locations are far as Bloomington in Indiana, and Ohio cities such as Dayton and even Columbus.

At our Cincinnati facility, we have opened production to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We provide access to a huge variety of steel products and services and can cut steel to the specific size required for your project. The experts at our Cincinnati location can even miter cut as needed, creating greater versatility when you place an order.

A Broad Range of Steel Tubing Found at our Cincinnati Location

Carbon Steel Tubing
One of the most popular products provided through our Cincinnati steel facility is carbon tubing. This material is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as different wall thicknesses. Carbon steel is used for numerous applications and has a reputation for durability and strength. It also has excellent structural stability and generally meets the budget needs for most projects. We have many options available; for example, you can get hot-rolled electric-resistance welded (ERW) to ASTM A513-1 or cold-rolled electric-resistance welded (ERW) to ASTM A513-2.

Hydraulic Tubing
If you need tubing that will be used for hydraulic applications, the right material is critical. Hydraulic tubes are subject to high amounts of pressure and must be able to hold firm under extreme conditions. Steel hydraulic tubing allows fluids to move through various systems; it’s ideal for projects where space limitations are a factor. It maintains constant dimensions under pressure and has a high tolerance for temperature changes. Hydraulic pressure tubing has a seamless hydraulic rating to SAE J524, and there are many other options for your ever-changing needs.

Zinc-Plated Tubing
If you work with our experts in Cincinnati, you can find zinc-plated tubing, which holds a variety of benefits. Most importantly, zinc helps resist corrosion and can extend the working life of the tubing. Our Cincinnati location can provide different zinc-plated tubing products, including yellow zinc dichromate tubing.

Structural Steel
We also have high-quality structural steel, including structural steel tubing. This material can be used for infrastructure, construction equipment, support, roll cages, and even underwater platforms. With an impressive stress tolerance, this is the material you need for high-demand projects.

Miter Cuts for Square and Rectangular Tubing
Regardless of the exact product required for your project, our team can provide materials that are cut and shaped to your exact needs. For example, we offer miter cuts for square and rectangular tubing, allowing you to have angled edges and joints that meet the extreme standards of your project.

High-Quality Steel Products from Experienced Professionals

You deserve the perfect steel and aluminum materials cut and shaped to your exact dimensions. Don’t take chances with your essential project, work with an expert who understands your needs and can create the ideal metal tubing and bars for your exact project.

If you need a Steel Tube supplier contact our Cincinnati location and talk with local experts who understand your needs and can deliver the right steel at a price that fits your budget!