Service Steel is a premiere supplier of Hydraulic and Pressure Tubing products including Zinc Dichromate Tubing, also known as Yellow Zinc Dichromate Tubing.

Zinc Dichromate is a plating which acts as a protective agent in corrosive environments of many varieties. Because of its advanced protective properties Zinc Dichromate Tubing is well-suited for environments such as agriculture where equipment is typically exposed to fertilizer and insecticides.

Yellow zinc dichromate tubing is also used in the automotive industry in structural applications, the assembly of plastic injection machines and other machine tool equipment. It should also be noted that while Zinc Dichromate may thin in areas where tubing is bent but it will not peel or chip.

Zinc Dichromate also serves as an excellent primer which allows for ease of painting on tubing surfaces. While Zinc Dichromate surfaces lend themselves well to painting applications, it should be noted that it is not necessary to paint them. Many end users enjoy a significant cost savings by not having to remove the tubing for painting and re-assembling the tubing after painting.

If you would like to learn more about Zinc Dichromate Tubing and some of the possible applications of this tubing for your business, please contact your Service Steel salesperson.