Service Steel is proud to sponsor the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, the most successful solar-car competition team in the nation and one of the premier groups in the entire world.

Competing in national and international events, the UM team continually pushes the limit of solar-car performance.

About the University of Michigan Solar Car Team

The University of Michigan has one of the most successful solar-car programs in the United States. In fact, it’s largely considered the top program for solar-car research, engineering, performance, and competition, and ranks among the best solar-car organizations in the entire world.

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team has a history that dates back to 1989. For well over three decades, this team has been designing, building, testing, and racing some of the best solar vehicles in the country. They have a strong tradition of excellence that includes competition in premier solar-car races, and the team regularly places at the top of competitions for solar-powered vehicles made entirely by students.

Competing against teams from all over the world, the University of Michigan Solar Car Team’s accomplishments include:

  • 9 national championships
  • 7 7 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge podium finishes (top three)
  • 1 international championship

Since being created, the team has designed and built 16 different vehicles for national and international competition. Every two years, the team competes in the World Solar Challenge, which is hosted in Australia. Teams from all across the globe meet to test their vehicles and compete against other world-class students. The Australia event is hosted every other year; during off years the Michigan team competes in events across the United States and in other locations around the world.

In 2015, the University of Michigan team won their first international championship at the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. This cemented their already-strong reputation as the top solar-car team in the United States while propelling them to international prominence.

One aspect that makes the University of Michigan Solar Car Team so impressive is the fact that it is led by the students themselves. Of course, there is oversight and guidance from instructors, but overall the team is led, managed, and operated by University of Michigan students.

The University of Michigan team currently consists of over 90 students who come from over 15 different majors. Their motto “earn the victory, move the world” perfectly sums their commitment to innovation, performance, and excellence.

Supporting Future Innovations While Delivering Old-Fashioned Service

We are proud to work with some of the top groups in the country. By supporting the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, we are helping to advance this important effort.

Solar cars may not be ready for everyday driving, but with innovative efforts from groups like the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, there may come a day when solar cars are an everyday sight on America’s roads.

While we are proud to support innovation, technical advancement, and education, our top priority is to our customers. When you need high-quality steel and aluminum products, contact our team and find the materials you deserve.