Hart Plaza: The Heart of Steel Tubing Detroit

Service Steel is one of the leading steel tubing suppliers in Detroit, a city that’s home to some amazing steel structures! The beautiful and historic Hart Plaza in Downtown Detroit is not just a place for summer concerts and festivals.

The large concrete expanse contains a stage, amphitheater, two copper statues, and three monuments forged out of steel tubing, all with the Detroit River setting the scene in the background.

Dodge Fountain: Steel Tubing Detroit Landmark

The Dodge Fountain can be found in the very center of Hart Plaza. Anna Thompson-Dodge gave the city of Detroit $1,000,000 for the construction of the fountain in memorial of her husband and son. The fountain itself is built of stainless steel tubing – the circular ring fountain and two supporting legs. The fountain rises 30 feet over a black granite pool.  The different jet, lighting, and nozzle functions can create thousands of different combinations- ensuring that you’ll never see the same display twice.

Pylon: Steel Tubing Detroit Symbol of Rebirth

Inspired by the double-helix structure of DNA, Pylon is a stainless steel sculpture near the entrance of Hart Plaza. The 120-foot spire sculpture starts as a square platform at its base, and twists as it ascends. Constructed in the summer of 1974, it acts as a representation of Detroit’s first renaissance and rebirth.

Transcending: Steel Tubing Detroit, A Labor Legacy

One of the newest additions to the Detroit skyline, Transcending is recognized as the shining arch of stainless steel tubing over the front of Hart Plaza. This monument was funded solely through donations from union members, and is designed to celebrate Michigan’s history and contributions to the labor movement. The structure is made of two steel arcs that stretch 63 feet into the sky, and weigh 30 tons.

If you find yourself in Downtown Detroit be sure to check out a few other notable steel tubing Detroit structures of the city:

  • The People Mover, a 2.9-mile monorail system in the downtown area. (Fun Fact: A typical monorail is defined as a train that runs on an elevated beam made of steel tubing 2 to 3 feet wide!)
  • The Monument to Joe Louis, a gigantic copper fist, supported by a pyramid of steel tubing.
  • The Renaissance Center (better known as  The RenCen), an unmistakable hub of glass and steel towers on Detroit’s skyline.

Steel Tubing Detroit is a city of fantastic construction and architecture; you just have to know where to look!